Pink Friday- New Bern

Join us as we celebrate New Berns first ever Pink Friday event!

What is Pink Friday?

Pink Friday is the small business spin on Black Friday. It is an opportunity to #ShopSmallFirst before the big guys on Black Friday.

 Follow the Facebook event for frequent updates & behind the scenes of what's going on    Shop Small New Bern- Pink Friday | Facebook

Participating Brick & Mortar Businesses:

Blue Magnolia Follow->  Facebook

Audra Style  Follow->  Facebook

Tildy Floral Designs Follow ->  Facebook

Mad Hatter Tea House Follow->  Facebook

Nourish Follow->  Facebook

bites on a board Follow ->  Facebook

Brew H2ouse Follow->  Facebook

Lula Balou Follow->  Facebook

 Participating Vendors at the Stanley Hall Ballroom Party:

Bella Sky Follow->  Facebook

Gardengal Designs, LLC Follow->  Facebook

Coastal Glow New Bern Follow->

Celestial daydreams Follow->  Facebook 
Hollis’ Haven Boutique Follow->  Facebook
Cope & Co. Follow ->  Facebook
Hey Fred Follow->  Facebook
Woodland Works LLC  Follow->  Facebook
Engle Permanent Co. Follow->  Facebook
The Coop Luxury Picnics Follow->  Facebook
SJ & Aurora co Follow->  Facebook
The Graceful Hut Co. Follow->  Facebook
Lightning Wolf 3D  Follow->  Facebook
Brenda Niebles Art  Follow->  Facebook
Urban Design House Follow->  Facebook


Event Sponsors:

Stanley Hall Ballroom Follow->  Facebook

The Carolina Refinery Follow->  Facebook

bites on a board Follow->  Facebook

Bear City Impact  Facebook



Have a brick & mortar in New Bern? Want to participate in the map? Email me at I’d LOVE to have you!!